Edwin Macbook bag by Mollum Vellum


We are committed to work ethically and sustainably. We continuously search for better materials and are actively engaging with material suppliers. 

Most of our leathers are from Italy. We examine leathers in many different ways and meet our tanneries (and sometimes merchandisers) in person. Our tanneries have acquired the quality certificates which assure various aspects of leathers in Italy, i.e., environment, social accountability, quality, product, traceability of raw materials etc. 

Vegetable tanned leathers are sourced from eco-conscious Italian tanneries, who have maintained sustainable production and have been working with environmental agencies in order to respect our life in the planet.   

Our suede leathers are also from Italy. The tanneries have a long history of producing the leather and have been developing wide colour ranges.  

Occasionally we work on recycled leathers which we sourced from a high-end goods manufacturer in the UK. The recycled leathers were originally produced in Tuscany, Italy.