About Us

The Studio

HERIN HONG is a contemporary leather artisan studio, committed to create sustainable, functional designs and elegant lifestyle. Preserving the leather craft by practicing traditional techniques (notably, hand cut, stitch and finish leather goods) is one of the ways to respect our history and environment. We want to make a leather product that lasts longer and we choose the best practices everyday to carve our products in the studio.  

About Herin

Trained in leather handbag design in Seoul, Herin has been exploring natural leathers and artisanal crating techniques. Her works are often inspired by modern everyday life and she works on every process from sketching, cutting pattern papers to sampling etc. She is a member of Crafts Council and Craft Central.  

herin hong studio, handcrafted leather goods

Studio Address  

Mollum Vellum Limited
Studio 229, Craft Central
397-411 Westferry Road
London E14 3AE
United Kingdom


(Photographed by Shareen Akhtar