London Craft Week 2021

London Craft Week 2021

Ahead of another great event during the London Craft Week (LCW) 2021, I have been preparing a couple of leather crafting projects for the introductory workshop. I am very excited to be a part of the LCW again and can't wait to meet those who are curious about leather craft. 

There will be three items to choose from: leather purse, belt or Airpods case. If you ever wondered how to hand stitch leathers, this is the perfect chance to experience full process. 

The workshops will be held in a private session based. And I invite a maximum of two attendees per session in my studio during 4-9th October. 

You can read more event details on Craft Central who will be hosting our public events this year. Don't forget to browse through other events! 

Send me an email if you want to book. See you then!