Intro to the Slow Leather Craft (20 NOV)

Intro to the Slow Leather Craft (20 NOV)

Celebrate the slowness everyday and carve your creativity with a leather artisan in our east London studio. In this Slow Leather Craft series, we have prepared beginners’ and practical leather crafting classes during the Craft Central Winter Market 2021.

Day 1 Class: Learn to hand stitch a high quality leather mouse pad

Event type: Workshop
Times: 20th November 2021, 2-5pm
Price: £80
Number of Participants: max. 6 Crafters
Venue: Craft Central, E14 3AE

You will select and hand-stitch premium Italian leathers, the same we use to craft our products. You will learn to make a leather mouse pad with a ‘slow’ and step by step guide. After the workshop, you will take away a unique leather product and essential (but professional) leather crafting techniques which you can apply for your future projects.

The muse pad will be lightly padded, both front and back sides covered in leathers.

What to learn:
After a brief introduction on materials and health and safety measures, you’ll select the leather you like to use as well as the thread colour used to stitch it.

You will learn how to work with professional patterns, use them to cut leathers by hand, use pricking irons to create stitching holes, hand-stitching leathers, hand-burnishing leather edges and finalising it with brass fixtures (if applicable). At the end, we’ll personalise your product by stamping your name on it.

It would be a perfect chance to make a present for someone you care about or just yourself. If you are curious about leathercraft, this is a good opportunity to learn professional skills.

Please note, depending on your speed, it may take 2 hours 30 minutes to 3 hours.

We will be providing the materials and crafting tools for your session.
There will be light refreshments.

How to Book:
Send us an email ( and you will receive an online invoice and further information within 24 hours.

Please kindly note that all workshop payments are non-refundable unless affected by government COVID19 measures.

COVID measures:
We closely monitor the current situation and will ask you to scan the Track and Trace App upon arrival. All workstations and tools will be sanitised. There will be hand sanitisers, disposable gloves and masks available for you.

hand stitched leather mouse pad

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