Hand stitching leathers

Hand stitching leathers

It's been a year since the world folded into the pandemic. Whether we like it or not, we as a human being try to be motivated and creative. Many sources claimed that crafting (or following some DIY kits) does help our mind and lower stress levels. And it's probably the most simplest things we could try when we were completely isolated. 

There are two ways to sew leathers: machine sewing and hand stitching. Depending on the method one chooses, there are various ways to complete a leather product. We love exploring every possible chances to enhance our products even a small card holder. 

When working on leathers by hands, it requires accuracy and attention to details. Unlike general fabrics, leathers are another natural materials and most often quite hard to recover its original form once it's been cut or stitching holes have been created. This requires a long preparation of design, pattern cutting and prototyping of a product. 

In order to hand stitch leathers, we mark a stitching line on the edge of leathers and make stitching holes by hammering down a mallet. We tend to use waxed French linen threads to stitch leathers. In this way we know a product could last much longer. It does take some time to stitch them up but as we stitch one by one, we naturally focus on details and are excited about this 'slow' progress of our pieces. We love using traditional methods to create modern products.   

We have recently finished Naomi crossbody bag. It's hand-stitched on beautiful Italian natural leather. Find more in the link. 


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