Our leathers and materials

Our leathers and materials

When British passengers entered the Titanic in 1912, there were thousands of bags and suitcases with them. The suitcases were made of hardwood and thick leathers and neatly decorated their corners with patches of leathers and metal studs. This has been one of the (many) amazing scenes from the movie for me.     

Leather has been one of the most traditional materials in our history. We choose leathers because of their durable element and building unique characters over time. Leather products has been deeply associated with our lives. This idea fascinated me and I wanted to learn more about the leathers when I started learning the leathercraft. Ultimately I wanted to make sustainable decisions since the leather is not just a raw material but an invitation to our life.  

Depending on tanning methods, we find various characters on the leather, e.g., colours patterns and textures. The vegetable tanning is one of the most natural ways of dyeing leather - our tanneries use natural ingredients like wooden barks and cinnamon etc. We love working on these natural leathers and observing their gradual development, e.g., unique patina.  

We also work with other leathers and there are ‘really’ many different types of tanning methods to produce high-quality leathers. They are durable and timeless. Most of all, these leathers tend to be featured with uniform colours and patterns.   

natural leathers

We work with material suppliers who pursue the best practices and respect our sustainable environment in Italy and the UK. We handpick all our materials and test them in our London studio.†  If you have any suggestions on our materials, feel free to contact us. We are happy to discuss your requirement.






† I love to travel and meet tanneries in England and Italy. It requires a lot of trials and errors but I have to say that I should not shorten this process. I would love to schedule the visit to our tanneries once the lockdown ends!


(Photography: Suitcase by Tim Knifuton/ Natural Leathers by Herin Hong Studio) 

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